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Love is like math

By Hannah Sweet
Love is a lot like math. Love, like math is often confusing, and can take hours to figure out one little problem; but like math, love is the same in every language.  Not literally of course, as every language has their own word for love, from the French amour, the Swahili upendo, to the Japanese aisuru. All these words mean the same thing, and although there are many cultural differences that set us apart from others in the ways we display love, it is the essence of love that remains the same. That isn’t to say that there is only one type of love, because as we all know there are all different kinds of love, familial love, parental love, romantic love, friend love, but the most important type of love is Godly love. Though there are many different types of love, all love can be boiled down to a simple base premise: love is love. There is a reason that songs are sung about love, that poems are declarations of love, that we hope for love to triumph all.  Love is the greatest gift God has ever bestowed upon us, for God is love and love is all around us, filling the space between spaces. Love seeps into everywhere it can. Psalm 119:64 reaffirms this sentiment:
The earth is filled with your love, Lord.
Knowing that there is unlimited love surrounding us should leave us with immense comfort, yet, as humans we struggle to accept it. The greatest thing we can ever hope for is to love and be loved, for a man who knows love knows God. Sometimes the pull of Godly love can be so overwhelming, that we can feel ourselves not worthy; we need to knock those games off. God sent His son to earth so that we could feel love every day of our lives, not just during the Advent season, or at Easter when we are once again reminded of the ultimate sacrifice. Sometimes, okay, especially at our most festive times, we can find it difficult to accept God’s love. We feel unworthy, and yes, I meant to use we because I know that it isn’t just me who doesn’t always feel like I deserve God’s love. The holidays can be difficult. I know. I have struggled through the holidays, not feeling like I measure up to those around me, feeling like there are people who should be with me at the holidays, just not feeling “enough”, and in my struggle I find it difficult to let myself be loved. The truth is, though, that I am enough, and always have been enough for God. He loves me at my best and my worst, and even better He loves me at my most insecure. God’s love knows no bounds and even if I make a mistake or falter as I walk my path He doesn’t care, He loves me anyway. What a gift we’ve been given, one I know I tend to take for granted at times. So instead of berating myself for taking the love in my life for granted, I will use my time to pray this prayer and thank God for love, because without God there is no love. 
Dear God,
Thank You for love. Lord, Thank You for Your never ending love and helping me to accept that I am worthy of your love. Lord, please help me to be a beacon of your love so that all may feel Your amazing love through me. Help me show love to those who need it most, and please help me not to forget that with love, especially Your love, all things are possible. Amen. 
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