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What a friend we have in the bishop

The first Sunday in May, Hilltop received a special treat. Bishop Cynthia Moore KoiKoi came to Hilltop! She was as lovely as her photograph suggests her to be. During the service the Bishop and Reverend Randy reminded us, that the message of communion should be felt at every meal, by sharing the joy of communion with the congregation. She lead our message with a call to friendship. Inspiring her message was a song by the 1980’s group, Whodini. The song entitled “Friends” begs the question, “Friends. How many of us have them?”

Friends, how many of us have them?

The Bishop asked the same question of all of us. Her message urged us to not only take a look at the friendships we have but to be a friend to those in need. She stated that it is only through us that some of the people we encounter will ever know, or see Jesus Christ. What a mind-blowing thought!


After her inspirational message, we moved our celebration downstairs for a festive Cinco De Mayo luncheon. The dishes were many and pleasing. Once the food had been eaten, Reverend Randy surprised the Bishop by giving her the first whack at our celebratory piñata!

Bishop Moore Koikoi took the first whack at our pinata!

She was delighted to speak to all who approached her, having special conversations with our oldest members to our youngest members.

Her visit was a joy. It was much needed to help us kick off the warm weather and get us out of our winter funk.

Watching to see if this is the hit that breaks it!

Want to hear her sermon? Head over to our sermons tab and check it out!

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