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Reverend Randy's Reflections

July- Summertime and picnics, fireworks and the Fourth. July is as American as apple pie. I don't think any other month is as swelling with national pride as July. We, as Americans, are proud of our "Can Do" attitude, and our American-made freedom. As a nation we are proud to celebrate our independence; and we do have much to be proud of, much to celebrate.

But as America so proudly celebrates its independence as a nation there is another type of celebration which should be taking place. One of In-Dependence.

We are daily being reminded of our need to depend on God's grace to live according to His plans and purposes for our lives. Our founding Fathers were. Sometimes we forget that our founding Fathers had a deep trust in God and faith in Jesus that moved them to action. They founded this country to be "One Nation Under God". We must remember and celebrate our heritage as a nation and a people of God. Are we still a nation that can say, "In God We Trust"?

We must not boast about our independence, our confidence in our self as a nation or as a church or as a family or as an individual. We can not believe that we have anything to celebrate in ourselves, rather we must celebrate our In-Dependence upon Christ Jesus. God in Jesus Christ is working for us and in us and through us, let us celebrate that, apart from Him we can do nothing at all!

Let us pray: "Lord, may we live in dependence upon Your love to enable us to love others, laying down our lives to consider others about ourselves. Lord, may we live in dependence upon You wisdom and grace to enable us to nurture and live out the gospel of Christ to our children and to our neighbors. Lord, may we live in dependence upon Your forgiveness to enable us to forgive others. Lord, may we live in dependence upon You to satisfy our every longing and craving so that we radiate a joy unspeakable and full of glory! AMEN!"

Boldly Walking The Journey Together With You,

Reverend Randy Sweet

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