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Reverend Randy's Reflections

In May we celebrated Pentecost, the birthday of the church, Christ’s church — birthed in Jerusalem and spread throughout the world. We are a part of that church and that tradition, but even more we are a part of something that is alive and growing. For 175 years our church, Hilltop United Methodist Church, has been in God’s hands and the Holy Spirit is Hilltop’s animating breath.

There are some things that we must continue to do in order to keep Hilltop alive and growing for years to come. Things we can do to catch God’s vision for Hilltop and bring it into reality as we walk in the Spirit.

1. GET ON OUR KNEES — For the church to keep on its toes, it must first get on its knees. The church must learn how to pray together and praise together. Of course, worshipping God isn’t restricted only to the church, but all too often a church service is the last place people expect to have a religious experience. The church needs to be focused on Christ to nurture a vital piety within its midst — strengthening its members through worship that is God-breathed, Christ-centered and Spirit-driven.

2. POUR OUT OUR HEARTS — Our purpose is to be none other than the body of Christ to all the people of Madison. We have to have the Spirit of Christ in order to be a Christ-body community. We must make Christ real - allow people to see a Spirit-filled body. Our church must pour out a heart filled with self-sacrificing love.

3. EXTEND OUR HANDS — In our present state, we manage pretty well to offer helping hands to people in need. We support the missions at home and around the world, have a food pantry, visit the shut-ins. But is there more we could do?

4. SPREAD OUR WINGS — Finally, the church must be willing to ‘trust the Spirit’. We cannot take flight under our own power. To soar we don’t need pixie dust, ‘all it takes is faith and trust’. We must be willing to spread our wings and take a leap of faith right off the edge, believing that the breath of the Spirit will bear us forward into the future — and catch God’s vision for all that Hilltop can be.

Together With You— Rev. Randy Sweet

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Reverend Randy's Reflections

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