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Dancing Through Life

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

By Hannah Sweet

I am sure the word dancing conjures much imagery. For me the word dance is a special word. Not only does it pertain to my favorite verb, but dancing is my constant goal for life. Confused yet? Good. Let me explain. When I think of dancing I think of many things, but the two things I think of most are fluidity and gracefulness. It is these two things I strive to exude in every aspect of my life. It is in these ways that I want to dance my way through life. I can think of no better way to seamlessly honor God than dancing through life! You don’t have to be a dancer to dance through life either. Isn’t that a beautiful revelation? There are so many different types of dancing in this world that I think, in our own ways we are all doing a dance. Me, right now, I’m dancing as I type this out for all of you. Although I love to dance in a traditional sense, and I always dreamed of being a ballerina, God had a different plan for my life, and somewhere along the way words became my dance. They flow from me as freely as the carefully measured steps escape from my toes. That’s the beauty of the dance too; it changes and grows as we grow. My dance started as a traditional whirl morphing along the way into a messy cacophony of wonderful rhyme and now my dance is my words. Your dance, however, could be the way you care for those around you, or in the art you make, or perhaps you aren’t creative and your dance is more practical and serious, like a waltz. That’s okay though, because each dance praises God in its own way. Look to the words of Psalm 149:3:

“Let them praise his name with dancing “

Nowhere in that verse does it say what sort of dance we are to do to praise Him! Isn’t that wonderful? I think so! I think that the intent we are meant to take away from that is that life is a dance and so long as we keep dancing through praising his name we will be rewarded. As I write this I am reminded of lyrics from a song from the Broadway smash Wicked:

“And the strange thing Your life could end up changing While you're dancing Through!”

Isn’t that the truth though? Our lives will surely end up changing as we dance through life, but what isn’t strange is that if we use our unique dances to create a daily praise for God, how much of a positive change that dance will become. As that unique dance carries on and our dances intertwine with those around us, before we know it, we’ve created something magnificent to give back to our Lord, something that we could never hope to create in our dance alone, together we’ve made a beautiful ballet of praise to honor and thank God for all that he has, and all that he will ever do for us.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful dance we call life. Thank you for all the different dances we get to experience along our journey. Thank you especially for those I get to intermingle with creating my own unique ballet with everyday. I hope that you find it pleasing and it honors you in every way. Please help guide me down the best path to continue dancing through life. Amen!

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