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Beautiful Brides of Hilltop

Summer is upon us and that usually means weddings! Weddings have long been a tradition here at Hilltop, and to this day we still have many Hilltop brides among us.

Lester and AnnaMarie Greenawalt, were married in 1949. Wow, how great is God’s love? AnnaMarie said her favorite wedding memory was when her older brother gave her away.

Later in 1949 our very own Hazel Leasure was wed.

Our next bride, Donna Walt, was married here in 1957. Her favorite memory of her big day was walking in and seeing all her family and friends filling the church.

Lois Brandstetter followed her when she and her husband, Tony, were married in 1964. When she arrived at the church her top layer of her wedding cake was on the floor. She had three ministers officiate and even made her own dress!

Later that same month in 1964 Liz and Lee Heltebran were married.

1965 saw Helen Logan married in our beautiful Hilltop.

Linda Postlethwait is next , marrying in 1967. Her favorite memory is being at the altar with the altar windows open, a soft breeze coming in as she said her “I do’s”.

1972 saw Laverne and Larry Ray married here by Darl Reichard.

June 2, 1974 saw our own Karla Hauge married.

Later in1974, our next bride was wed. Congratulations go out to Cindy Greenawalt. Her favorite memory was the love shared from family, friends and the Hilltop family.

Sharon Golobish was married here a few short years later, in 1977. She loved that Reverend John Smith was her officiant.

Eleanor Lash was married later that same year, 1977.

Closing out our 1970’s weddings was Doreen Knudson and in 1978 she said “I do”. She stated that she chose Hilltop because it is her home, her family, and where she and Steve belonged. Her favorite wedding memory was feeling the presence of God and his blessing of their marriage as they began their new life together. In their wedding rings, they had engraved "UNITED AS ONE IN CHRIST".

Laurie DeArmitt was married in 1982. Her favorite memory is the familiarity of the church, simply put, it’s home.

1988 was an exciting time for Suzanne Smith, formerly Beers. She and the love of her life were wed and are celebrating 30 years together this month!

In 1995, Sandy Captain was wed here. Her favorite memories were having all her friends and family come together to see her and Bill get married. She also has a fond recollection of being brought up to the church in a horse and carriage by Jack and Hilda McConnville.

1997 saw her sister, Lori Bergman wed. Her favorite memory is of having five pastors, along with their family and friends participate in their big day!

The new millennium brought new brides along with it! In 2001 our very own Norma Petersen was married here. A presence in the church her whole life, she knew she wanted Hilltop to be involved in her big day, from her bridal shower and rehearsal dinner to the big day itself, Hilltop played a pivotal role. Her favorite memory of her big day was not only seeing the church filled with her family and friends, but also the blessing of air conditioning in the church, as the day was unusually warm for October.

Almost exactly a year later, in 2002, Kristine Wheaton, who could not imagine being married anywhere but Hilltop, was wed. She loved the feeling of walking down the isle to Jeff, surrounded by family and friends.

Valentines Day will always be a special day for our own Holly Walton, as this day in 2004 saw her a bride. Her favorite memory is getting ready in the bridal room with her bridesmaids.

Andi Sharp had her big day here in 2006. Growing up in the church, she was always fond of the simple beauty found here. Her favorite memory is standing outside while having her picture taken under the steeple.

2007 was almost through when Rebecca Lash became Rebecca Smith. Her favorite memory was seeing her friends and family filling up the church pews. They invited over 400 people!

In 2011 another Lash wedding was held, but this time the bride became a Lash! Stephanie Lash said “I do” to Craig for a forever of happiness. Her favorite memory was the photos afterward when they were able to relax and live in the moment.

In 2012 Hannah Sweet would be married here. Although not a member long, she felt as if this were home, because it’s true what they say, “home is where the heart is.” Her favorite memory is walking down the isle to “All you need is love”, sharing a few whispered words with her father, as she watched her future husband’s face undergo a flurry of emotions.

2014 was the perfect year for our next bride, Kristin Walker. When she and her future husband were out scouting for “THE church” they stopped at a few other local churches, which were all locked. Kristin, who had attended preschool here, suggested they come up and check it out, despite Mitch’s protestations it would be locked. Upon finding it open, they knew it was “destiny.”

As for her favorite memory, she said that getting married here, and having it feel like “their” church, and getting married in “their” church was a great feeling and memory!

A huge congratulations goes out to our next Hilltop bride, Emily Smith, who wed her love, Austin on June 16th.

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